Day 4 in Sri Lanka! We open our curtains and again, another glorious wet day! We both didn’t feel like breakfast this morning, I think it must be a mixture of heat, smells and the swarm of flys in the kitchen! Our destination for today is the ancient city of Sigiriya, since were finding our feet a little it’s also getting easier to get around! With just a 15 minute walk the the bus station we were soon on our way!
I have to say, the bus to Sigiriya hasn’t been the most pleasant of them all! This one had an abundance of people squeezing onto the bus, that combined with no air con meant it made for a very long, hot and sticky ride.
Around 45 minutes later we pulled in to a bus stop and began walking towards the entrance to The ancient village of Sigiriya. On our way, we spotted our first elephant (we both thought it was a plastic one at first but then it started moving!).

Fast forward another 15 minutes and we arrived at what we thought was the entrance, only to be told we had to keep walking around the complex (signs would have been helpful at this point) adding on another 20 minutes of walking alongside a croc infested river we then arrived at the entrance! At this point there were signs everywhere which we were very thankful for. We made our way to the ticket office and purchased what must have been the most expensive thing so the price of £23 or 5000 rupees each we had purchased entry to climb the rock (which is just absolutely ridiculous considering the price of everything else out here). A bonus was that we also had free entry to the museum included in our ticket which showcased the founding and development of Sigiriya - this made for quite an interesting walk around!Finishing at the museum, we then entered the ancient grounds of Sigiriya - this included an incredible network of gardens and a fantastic view of Lions rock which seemed to get more and more impressive as we walked closer.

As we begun our ascent up the rock it soon became clear that we were not prepared for such a hike (we were just at the foot of the rock and had finished all our water already), nonetheless we powered through and gave our legs a good workout. The reward for climbing such a height soon paid off though as we could see the incredible views across Sigiriya which gave us a clear view of the gardens and endless expanse of jungle.


After what seemed an eternity and at the point of our legs dropping off, we both finally reached the top of Lions rock. The views were incredible and the whole time we were up there all we could question was how they managed to build such incredible features on top of the rock (and how they lived up there). Included on the top was a huge swimming pool, remnants of past buildings and a huge rock throne.

Another surprise we had on top was the current residents (several wild dogs), we both took to one dog which appeared to be in pain from all the skin mites (we called him Sig), the first mistake was feeding him...we thought we were doing him a favour and letting him sample the divine taste of pink wafers (which he absolutely loved), what followed however was the constant following from the dog that just wouldn’t leave us alone!

After finally getting away from the dog we made our way back down the rock and attempted to catch a bus back to Dambulla. As we made our way to the bus stop we couldn’t help but notice a bus zip past us...and of course it said Dambulla on it! As we then waited at the bus stop for a further 25 minutes and looked at our watches (5.30pm) we began to question whether another bus was coming. After speaking to a Tuk Tuk man, he told us another one wasn’t due until half 6.

As we bartered him down to 500rp (£2.25), we made the decision to get a Tuk Tuk back. Since I asked the man how long it would take to get to Dambulla, I think he took this as a challenge. What followed was 30 minutes of high speed Tuk Tuk! The man was certainly on a mission, weaving in between every car bus and bike on the road, he even sped up towards stopped traffic! As we got back in to Dambulla we decided to have a quick stop off at the local chicken place. Although the place was over priced (£8 just for a bucket of chicken!!!) we both definitely needed it at this point. After one last 2km walk back to our hostel we both dropped into bed and were done for another day!

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