Dambulla Cave Temples

Dambulla Cave Temples

We decided that because of the rain previous days, we were going to stay more local today and not venture out to Polonnaruwa and rent bikes as originally planned. If we ever return to Sri Lanka in the future, we hope to add this in!

Typical though, it didn’t rain today! We walked across to Dambulla Cave temples instead which were really impressive. These had statues and paintings and altogether there were 153 statues of Buddha, 3 statues of Sri Lankan kings and 4 statues of gods and goddesses. We also saw a lot of monkeys and their babies! Very cute!

But we weren’t prepared for the stairs! After Sigiriya yesterday our legs were aching and didn’t expect to climb up lots of stairs to get to the caves! Would normally assume caves are underground!

Walking back, we came across a nice quaint little restaurant with a friendly guy outside. It was Sri Lankan food prepared in the style of a buffet so we could try lots of different bits and was only 300 rps each. It was all really tasty and surprisingly didn’t blow my head off with the heat!

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