Dambulla to Kandy

Dambulla to Kandy

As we said goodbye to Dambulla we packed our bags and headed to the bus station. Upon arrival a man asked us where we were going and said an AIR CONDITIONED bus was heading to candy. For an extra 100 rupees each it was well worth it! One exception for these types of coaches are that they won’t leave until they’re full, so you can find yourself waiting around for a while until you leave. Nonetheless, after 20ish minutes we were soon on our way.

As we arrived in Kandy there was a completely different feel about the place. It seemed much more built up with about ten times more people walking around. I think the fact we arrived in rush hour only made things more hectic. As we couldn’t find the name of our hostel on the map (335 holiday homes), we walked to a nearby tourist information spot. The staff there were very helpful and offered to ring the hostel so we could get a general idea of what they were near. As they gave a name of a shop only around 1.5km away, we decided to walk.

On first impressions the hostel appeared clean and simple, we had a twin bed private room booked for two nights and at 1000 rupees each (£4.30) for a night, it was well worth the cost. As we sat in the upstairs social area, we got talking to a German girl who had just arrived for the day. We shared a Tuk Tuk to the Royal Botanical Gardens which cost around 1500 rupees for entry. We were not disappointed either! The place was full of weird and wonderful tree's, plants and animals! We managed to get some fantastic images and the walk around lasted around 2 hours which was just about right for us! As we shared a Tuk Tuk back to the hostel, we parted ways with our German friend. Having built up quite an appetite from all the travelling, we decided to eat at a nearby restaurant. With full belly’s and a long day of travelling we decided to call it a day and head to sleep.


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