Exploring Kandy

Exploring Kandy

I was woken by cars honking on the road outside. Kyle still sleeping with his earplugs in! I keep trying to work out when it is that Sri Lankan people use their horns but it just seems to be every 10 seconds per car. If they haven’t used it in that time they get anxious and give it a tap to let off some steam and join in with the other cars. Definitely don’t fancy driving here!
Breakfast was a little odd. We were given jam on bread, an omelette sandwich, a banana, yoghurt and a bar of chocolate! It was weirdly nice though! We had a walk round Kandy seeing what we could find to do for the day. It was a very hectic city compared to what we have seen of Sri Lanka so far. And the paths at the side of the road were in a very bad state and rocked over water below (sewers? ). But it was too busy to walk on the roads!

We came across Kandy shopping Mall which seemed very out of place for where it was. No idea who actually shopped there but there were some expensive clothes shops, lots of electrical shops and lots of banks. There was also a Burger King!
More rain, we walked up to the big Buddha statue (Bahiravokanda Vihara, 250 rp entry), a lot steeper hills up to it than I expected! This trip is turning into a workout!
Again, walking on the wet tiles barefoot was a death trap and super slippy but we climbed up the Buddha to his shoulder. (Photo). Unfortunately the higher sections were closed off.

We headed back down to Kandy lake to have a bit of a walk around it before the evening ceremony at Temple of the Tooth at 6.30pm.
After paying 1500 rupees for entry, we were given a flower as we entered which we assumed we were to give as an offering, we weren’t sure but kind of followed what other people did! It actually got really busy in here, we weren’t really sure where things were going to be happening but we hung around where the crowds gathered and hoped to see something. Dramatic music started playing downstairs with the biggest (and longest) build up you’ve ever seen. There was two lines of select Buddhists either side of a pen of more Buddhists sat down in the pen.
Eventually a monk emerged from the room the relic is held and there was a big rush of everyone cramming inwards to try see through the narrow doorway. Buddhists were quickly raising their hands in prayer then rushing out to get home. Most tourists were pushing everywhere and tour guides were pushing people out of the way to let their clients have a good view- bigger tip I guess! We were out of there pretty quick, so mental! Didn’t seem how I thought a ceremony would be!



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