Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya

Today we woke up super early to get a 1 hour taxi to Horton Plains National Park. The guy in the hostel was really nice and made us a breakfast ‘pack up’ for the road and woke up the same time as us to give us it before we jumped in the taxi. Very cute! We had ham toasties, some pastries and some fruit. We arrived there just before 6.30, we had to stop off to pay for entry into the park. We had to pay extra for the taxi and driver which we found odd because they just sat in the car park! On the road up to the entrance we stopped to see some wild deer.
At the entrance, there was a man checking bags for plastic. They removed all plastic labelling from water bottles and confiscated all plastic bags which we thought was a really good conservation effort and didn’t expect them to take it so seriously here!

After starting walking we realised we were going to get a bit muddy! The views were amazing though so it felt worth it and was it a really nice walk. The path was very clear and even though at times you felt you were wading through a jungle, there was no other direction to go so you always ended up where you were heading! We made it to Mini world’s end, World’s end and baker falls.


Unfortunately by the time we got to World’s end the cloud had dropped and we didn’t get as good a view. Should have set off even earlier! Our stop off to use the toilet was... interesting. I’m sure a lot of wildlife saw more than they should have done! We rushed back because the taxi driver had given us 3 hours to be back at the entrance. We realised this was actually really fast to do it all- he clearly thought we were athletes! We made it sweaty and panting back to the taxi and enjoyed a sit down!
We tried out a little Sri Lankan food restaurant/ shack in the evening and despite saying it was curry.. it was just rice with bits of chicken in. Surprisingly flavoursome though! For this they charged us an extortionate tourist rate and they were laughing as we left.. made their day.

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