Exploring Ella

Exploring Ella

Today we walked up to Little Adams peak. Apparently it’s called this because the shape resembles Adams peak, also in Sri Lanka. We didn’t do this though because it’s closed off this time of year so they don’t light it up because of the rain so it’s much more dangerous and difficult! Little Adam’s peak still seemed quite steep though, and it was

very hot as we were walking up. But was a pretty short walk to the top so didn’t take too long.

From the top we had great views of Ella Rock, our conquest for tomorrow! We also met lots of cute dogs, we named two Adam and Eve. On our way back down, we diverted off towards the 9 arch bridge, walking through some tea fields. We timed it quite well and managed to see a train coming over the bridge as we arrived. We took some obligatory photos and then we saw another train come over from the track. It was cool to see up close!

Later in the evening, we met with Justine and Yanik (who we met the previous day on the train) for drinks and chatted about our days. Fortunately for us, we found out they had hiked up Ella Rock earlier in the day so they were able to provide some useful tips on the best route up the climb. It was also nice to get to know them and exchange travel stories!


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