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Negombo to Dambulla

After eating our first Sri Lankan breakfast in the morning, we set off again to our next destination - Dambulla. Our first port of call was catching an Uber to Negombo bus station - this was the first time we had experienced the roads in Sri Lanka which was just crazy! It almost seems like people have a death wish when they drive e.g. instead of braking towards still traffic, they speed up.

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Sri Lanka Day 1 - Dubai to Negombo

Our route to Sri Lanka was split into two, the first stop flying to Bahrain. I have to say, this was a pleasant flight to say the least! Although it was only an hour long flight we were provided with delicious chicken sandwiches and a carton of Orange juice (one of which I’ve never seen before) and since there was at least two seats per person, it made the flight much more relaxing! If only it lasted more than one hour!

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