Another early start for us both as we had to be ready to leave for 5.30am! We were picked up on one of the safari cars and transported to the park entrance.

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Ella to Udawalawe

After receiving some Information from Justine and Yanik about the hike up Ella’s Rock, we decided to take the slightly less conventional route to the top.

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Exploring Ella

Today we walked up to Little Adams peak. Apparently it’s called this because the shape resembles Adams peak, also in Sri Lanka.

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Nuwara Eliya to Ella

After a great few days in Nuwara a Eliya, it was time to move on to the city of Ella. As previous, we caught a train down to Ella, this time however, we had to go 3rd class unreserved.

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Nuwara Eliya

Today we woke up super early to get a 1 hour taxi to Horton Plains National Park. The guy in the hostel was really nice and made us a breakfast ‘pack up’ for the road and woke up the same time as us to give us it before we jumped in the taxi.

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Kandy to Nuwara Eliya

Today we were both very excited as we were getting the train from Kandy to Nanu Oya train station (about 6km from Nuwara Eliya where our hostel was). The trains offered first, second and third class tickets.

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Exploring Kandy

I was woken by cars honking on the road outside. Kyle still sleeping with his earplugs in! I keep trying to work out when it is that Sri Lankan people use their horns but it just seems to be every 10 seconds per car. If they haven’t used it in that time they get anxious and give it a tap to let off some steam and join in with the other cars.

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Dambulla to Kandy

As we said goodbye to Dambulla we packed our bags and headed to the bus station. Upon arrival a man asked us where we were going and said an AIR CONDITIONED bus was heading to candy. For an extra 100 rupees each it was well worth it!

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Dambulla Cave Temples

We decided that because of the rain previous days, we were going to stay more local today and not venture out to Polonnaruwa and rent bikes as originally planned. If we ever return to Sri Lanka in the future, we hope to add this in!

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Day 4 in Sri Lanka! We open our curtains and again, another glorious wet day! We both didn’t feel like breakfast this morning, I think it must be a mixture of heat, smells and the swarm of flys in the kitchen! Our destination for today is the ancient city of Sigiriya, since were finding our feet a little it’s also getting easier to get around!

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So despite our mosquito net, I managed to get stung in the night! First time I’ve actually had a mosquito bite show up on me so new experiences at least! No more though please! We came out to breakfast plates with our allocated food, we cooked our eggs to our liking and ate outside looking onto the garden.

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Negombo to Dambulla

After eating our first Sri Lankan breakfast in the morning, we set off again to our next destination - Dambulla. Our first port of call was catching an Uber to Negombo bus station - this was the first time we had experienced the roads in Sri Lanka which was just crazy! It almost seems like people have a death wish when they drive e.g. instead of braking towards still traffic, they speed up.

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Sri Lanka Day 1 - Dubai to Negombo

Our route to Sri Lanka was split into two, the first stop flying to Bahrain. I have to say, this was a pleasant flight to say the least! Although it was only an hour long flight we were provided with delicious chicken sandwiches and a carton of Orange juice (one of which I’ve never seen before) and since there was at least two seats per person, it made the flight much more relaxing! If only it lasted more than one hour!

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